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With over 1100 islands and islets and over 1000 miles long coast Croatia is the perfect place for any open water swimmer. High salinity and water temperature of 75F makes swimming in the Adriatic Sea a wonderful experience and a pleasure!


Our cruise starts from the city of Split and goes around central Dalmatian islands and towns. We can customize our cruise to your liking and your needs. We visit most attractive tourist destinations and some of the most amazing natural wonders. Cities like Split and Dubrovnik have been on the top of the travel lists around the world. Our cruise is unlike anything else that you have experienced and that is why it makes us so hard to compare to anybody else. Call us today to learn more and to book your next swim adventure.

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What some happy swimmers say:  

"This was an amazing experience. I have never knew that Croatia is so beautiful."


- Carrie B.

"It was so nice to swim in the warm, crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea."


- Tammy T.

"Swim Cruise was the best swim experience ever."


- Steve M.

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